The oldest part of the house, to the left, is a 14th century barn built in "pierre du Gard", a local stone.
The center part of the mas, the main house for decades, was built at the turn of the 20th century. You will find the family suite, the kitchen and the office at the first floor. The story shelters one of the rooms and our children's rooms .
The right part, latest addition to the house, is from the '60s. The living-room and dining-room are located at the first floor. Three rooms are located at the second floor. They all have an independent access to the outside.
Originally, the mas was a vineyard. After the wines were destroyed by the phyloxera at the end of the XIXth centurye, grapes were replaced by vegetables and fruits. Then, after the epidemy was over, wines came back again. And now, Catherine grows her magnificent roses.

Nearby, you will find a 12th century church, which sheltered the Aubagnans community. You will also enjoy a visit to the village of Rochegude , which houses surround the castel. The oldest parts of the village were built in 1250.